The words of the CEO

Vihan Teb Aria Markazi Company has worked with the slogan, better health in clothing and medical and hospital dressings, plus they have put their best to have an important role beside medical society for the same cause witch is to improve and rebuild mental and physical health. Therfore, this companies disposal products can provide a suitable and safe covering to keep patients , nurses and doctors safe from the threats around.we believe that the quality race has no end but we try , with god help, and with the use of our experienced, experienced workers and with our high qulity first resources in making products , to insure humen against threats and illnesses.


Features of Vihan Teb Aria Markazi Company products

Vihan Teb Aria Markazi Co. is a manufacturer of medical gowns and disposable hospital gowns, hospital clothes and baby sets.

Beautiful and principled design

Well designed in elegancy and sewing. Central Ariya Vihan Teb’s clothing includes medical and disposable, hospitalization and infant covers. And could offer high graded productions.

Use of quality raw materials

Vihan Teb Aria Markazi company has attracted the satisfaction of all It’s customers by It’s great reputation ,history and first-class raw materials (great materials, great quality and elegance sewing. )

Customer satisfaction with the products

We’ve put our best and tried hard to provide the best products with the best quality including the customers satisfaction.

Guarantee the authenticity of the goods

Use of quality raw materials

Purchase support and advice

Saturday / Thursday - 8 am to 4 pm

Confidence in purchase

The best quality, the best choice for the best

Vihan Teb Aria Markazi Company

The most specialized manufacturer of medical clothing and textiles

Nursing uniform, medical scrubs

Sterile and non-sterile and antibacterial products

Medical gowns and operating room shirts and pants